• Eases coughing, relieves congestion and irritation of air passages. Loosens mucus. Now contains Pelargonium sidoides (Umckaloabo), which reduces infection and inflammation in air passages. Contains no additives – free from sugar, preservatives and colourants. Safe for children, diabetics and when participating in sport. 100ml herbal tinctures. Ingredients: Each 5ml contains the equivalent of: 26mg Pimpinella anisum, 1490mg Glycorrhiza glabra aqueous, 52mg Inula helenium, 52mg Marrubium vulgare, 52mg Prunus serotina, 52mg Pulmonaria officinalis, 52mg Pelargonium sidoides, 15mg Thymus vulgaris, 52mg Lobelia inflata. 30% Alcohol v/v.

    Relieves symptoms of acute respiratory conditions. Reduces inflammation and pain of bronchi and lungs, relieves coughing spasms, congestion and loosens phlegm. 50ml herbal tinctures. Ingredients: Each 3ml contains the equivalent of: 51mg Foeniculum vulgare, 39mg Cetraria islandicus, 51mg Echinacea spp., 33mg Mentha piperita, 33mg Equisetum arvense, 39mg Plantago major, 30mg Urtica dioica, 12mg Thymus vulgaris, 12mg Glycorrhiza glabra.