10 Habits of Inspirational Women

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We were blown away by your responses to our National Women’s Day post about the most inspirational women in your lives. Some of your posts brought tears to our eyes, like Unathi Mamane, whose aunt ‘is the most special woman and pillar of strength. She has a heart of gold and works selflessly to help [...]

Everything you need to know about period pain

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[custom_frame_center shadow="on"][/custom_frame_center] Studies suggest that up to 90% of women who menstruate suffer with period pain every month. The symptoms – stomach cramps, backache, headache and nausea – can range from mild to crippling. And most of us don’t really talk about what we’re going through. Despite living in an era where most subjects are [...]

The why’s and what-to-do’s of morning sickness

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You’re pregnant! Congratulations! But you’ve been knocked sideways with nausea, possibly even vomiting. There’s nothing quite like morning sickness to spoil your pleasure at discovering you are pregnant. What causes morning sickness and what are the safest remedies? The initial euphoria you experience when you discover you are pregnant may soon fade when you wake [...]