Top 7 Natural Energy Boosters

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Back at work but struggling with flagging concentration and energy levels? Most people have experienced those first-week-back-at-work blues. If you’re nodding your head, albeit sleepily, we recommend kickstarting your enthusiasm with some natural energy boosters. Post-holiday fatigue is real, there’s no denying it. These seven natural energy boosters will help skyrocket your lust for life: [...]

Children sleep: How much sleep should your children get?

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Do your kids need more sleep? Or less? Both too little and too much can be detrimental to their health, says the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Follow the academy’s official recommendations to reveal your family’s sleep health. To sleep or not to sleep We all know that sleeping is essential to a healthy life. [...]

Varicose veins – the inside story

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Summer’s here! Time to unpack those floaty skirts and shorts. It’s great news for sunlovers, but not for the eight million South Africans, predominantly women, who are plagued with varicose veins, those winding, twisted purple clusters that make legs achy, swollen, tired and unsightly. What are varicose veins? There are two kinds of veins in [...]

Testicular cancer – what you need to know and how to detect it early

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Testicular cancer represents just 1 percent of all cancers in men, but is the most common cancer in young men. Men are in crisis. They are dying too young. So this November, along with other organisations around the world, we’re focusing on men’s well-being to raise awareness about men’s health and how they can live [...]

Cholesterol: The fat vs sugar debate

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High cholesterol and fats, we’ve long been told, are the enemy of good health. They’ve been linked with high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack and, of more importance to this discussion, increased ‘bad’ cholesterol, which can also lead to stroke. But do fats deserve their bad rap? Or should sugar be facing the [...]

Iodine – why do we need it?

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Do you take iodine supplements? Or do you rely on iodised salt for your iodine intake? If you’re undecided, this information may surprise you! What is iodine? Iodine is a trace mineral your body requires to maintain proper thyroid function (this gland manufactures thyroxine, which regulates cell metabolism throughout the body). Although the body needs [...]

Circulation health: 5 exercises to improve your circulation

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Your circulation health can suffer if you are desk-bound all day. Try these 5 simple exercises to improve your circulation and general wellbeing (and help prevent an expanding bottom!) Your desk job could be killing you! Sounds dramatic, but the health drawbacks of sedentary desk jobs are common knowledge. In fact, emerging research indicates that [...]

Liver detox: 13 Signs you need one, and how to do it

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Liver detox - is it really necessary? Your body is after all perfectly capable of cleansing itself. But today’s world is full of toxins, and your waste-removing organs – liver, kidneys and skin – become overworked. They may need a helping hand... How do you know if your waste-removal system, especially your liver, needs a [...]

Looking after your bladder and kidneys

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Along with your liver, your kidneys and bladder are your body’s waste removal system. They eliminate waste products found in your cells and help get rid of toxins – not only toxins derived from food, pesticides or a contaminated environment, but also those caused by stress. So it makes sense to look after these organs [...]

Treatments for allergies – 10 all natural options to relieve allergies

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Spring is just around the corner. Yay! Or not, if you’re one of the millions for whom spring means itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and a streaming nose. Help is at hand – we bring you 10 all-natural treatments for allergies. The change of seasons can be a mixed blessing. Spring and autumn may be beautiful, [...]