• A unique formulation of herbal, homeopathic, nutritional and mineral ingredients with enhanced bio-availability in a synergistic combination. Reduces allergic irritation and inflammation of mucous membranes. Lessens secondary complications of respiratory system, sinuses, post-nasal drip and allergic skin conditions. Restores sleep and recovery. It is a non-sedative formulation that improves quality of life. The action of the constituents is anti-allergic, anti-histaminic, anti-inflammatory, controlling the effect of T-lymphocytes, reducing allergy- inducing antibody levels. Stabilising effect on mast cells and histamine release. It inhibits prostaglandin formation and inflammation. AllergoTM also has anti-asthmatic/broncho-dilatory properties; it eases coughing spasms and reduces mucus. 30 capsules. Ingredients: Composition per capsule: Albizia lebbeck powder 50mg, Euphrasia officinalis powder 50mg, Plantago major powder 50mg, Prunus serotina powder 50mg, Pulmonaria offficinalis powder 50mg, Sambucus nigra powder 50mg, Urtica dioica powder 50mg, MSM powder 100mg, Vitamin C 10mg, Vitamin E 4mg, Bioperine powder ™ 3mg, Lactose 4mg containing the following homeopathics in 6cH**Allium cepa, *Arsenicum album, *Arundo donax, *Euphrasia officinalis, *Histaminum, *Hydrastis Canadensis, *Natrum muriaticum, *Nux vomica, *Pulsatilla nigrans, *Sabadilla, *Sanguinaria canadensis, *Sinapsis nigra, *Sticta pulmonaria, *Wyethia.
  • Laxative action relieves inflammation and sluggish digestive conditions. 500mg, 60 capsules
  • Relieves symptoms of colds and flu, congestion, fever, inflammation, headaches and swollen glands. Supports the immune system, helping to overcome infections and inflammation. The action is anti-inflammatory, decongestive, analgesic and immune stimulatory. The anti-hyaluronidase action inhibits the virus’s ability to enter cells. The action on the circulation stimulates removal of toxins and reduces congestion. 50ml herbal tinctures. Ingredients: Each 3ml contains the equivalent of: 66mg Sambucus nigra, 6mg Zingiber officinalis, 96mg Eupatorium perfoliatum, 33mg Phytolacca decandra, 33mg Echinacea spp., 51mg Fillipendula ulmaria, 15mg Capsicum minimum.
  • Reduces eye strain and eye conditions related to circulatory problems. Anti-coagulant properties prevent capillary vessel obstruction. Reduces inflammation of varicose veins, haemorrhoids and phlebitis. Strengthens connective tissue. Reduces night blindness. Contains anti-oxidant bioflavonoids. 500mg, 90 capsules.
  • Improves function of urinary system – kidneys and bladder. Acts as bladder anti-septic. Relieves irritation and inflammation of bladder. Can be used for BPH and auto-immune kidney disease. Aids diuresis in persons with kidney conditions accompanied by oedema. Action of constituents is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic; inhibits micro-organism growth in the urinary system and prevents urine retention. 50ml herbal tinctures. Ingredients: Each 3ml contains the equivalent of: 78mg Agathosma betulina, 34mg Arctostaphyllos uva-ursi, 27mg Achillea millefolium, 27mg Melissa officinalis, 27mg Avena sativa, 30mg Echinacea spp., 27mg Vaccinium myrtillus, 25mg Equisetum arvense, 25mg Plantago major.

    Relieves symptoms of acute respiratory conditions. Reduces inflammation and pain of bronchi and lungs, relieves coughing spasms, congestion and loosens phlegm. 50ml herbal tinctures. Ingredients: Each 3ml contains the equivalent of: 51mg Foeniculum vulgare, 39mg Cetraria islandicus, 51mg Echinacea spp., 33mg Mentha piperita, 33mg Equisetum arvense, 39mg Plantago major, 30mg Urtica dioica, 12mg Thymus vulgaris, 12mg Glycorrhiza glabra.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-septic actions inhibit growth of micro-organisms and strengthen resistance to infection. Anti-inflammatory action lessens irritation and discomfort of urinary system. Used for bladder and prostate gland infections. Reduce urinary gravel, and bladder catarrh. Diuretic effect on kidneys. 370mg, 60 capsules.
  • Reduces inflammation, itching and swelling associated with thrush and symptoms associated with fungal infections. Lessens recurrence of fungal infections. 50ml herbal tinctures. Ingredients: Each 3ml contains the equivalent of: Hydrastis canadensis 60mg; Agathosma betulina 56mg; Hamamelis virginiana 21mg; Tabebuia impetiginosus 45mg; Commiphora mol-mol 21mg; Juniperus communis 10mg; Echinacea spp.; Baptisia tinctoria 21mg; Olea europea 21mg.
  • Original ESSIAC formula in capsules. An important overall preventative health protector. Supports the immune system and the digestive system. A must in supportive treatment during tumour- and AIDS-related therapies. The combination includes herbs that have anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-microbial actions, as well as powerful detoxification and regeneration ingredients. The protective action prevents cell damage when exposed to radiation. This formula can be used protectively to strengthen the general body health after long periods of stress that makes one vulnerable to diseases that result from cellular changes. 460mg, 90 capsules Ingredients: Each capsule contains: 215mg Arcticum lappa, 12mg Rheum palmatum, 187mg Rumex ascetosella, 46mg Ulmus rubra.
  • Supports the heart, dilates blood vessels and stimulates blood flow. Improves peripheral circulation. Reduces risk of heart attacks. Capsaicin activates mediators that reduce inflammation. Relieves headaches, shingles, arthriticand chronic pain. Anti-oxidant action reduces cholesterol levels. Carminative action relieves indigestion, gas and constipation. 500mg, 90 capsules.
  • Anti-ageing properties prevent degenerative disease by reducing free radicals. The anti-oxidant properties of the catechins in green tea reduce free radicals and have a detoxifying action. The flavonoids have an anti-inflammatory and protective action against cardiovascular diseases and strengthen blood vessels. Used in weight management. 400mg, 90 capsules.
  • Helps the effective management of cholesterol in the body and delays onset of age-related changes. This powerful synergistic combination includes herbal, homeopathic, nutritional and mineral ingredients, with enhanced bioavailability. Useful in lifestyle-associated conditions such as Metabolic disease (Syndrome –X), diabetes, arteriosclerosis and circulatory conditions. Cholesterol Aid™'s constituents' action is anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant (preventing “thick sticky blood” situations), which improves circulation and protects blood vessels. It also contains powerful anti-oxidants and some of the ingredients aid in the lowering of LDL and blood sugar levels, thereby providing blood vessel and cardio protection. It includes protein and enzyme modulation factors. 566mg, 90 capsules Ingredients: Composition per capsule: Allium sativa 50mg, Capsicum minimum 50mg, Commiphora mukul 50mg, Crataegus rhipidophylla 50mg, Curcuma longa 50mg, Cynara scolymus 50mg, Ulmus fulva 3mg, Choline 25mg, Coral calcium 20mg, L-Arginine 25mg, Lecithin 25mg, Polycosinol 2mg, Vitamin A 0.05mg, Vitamin B1 0.1mg, Vitamin B3 1mg, Vitamin B5 0.5mg, Vitamin B6 0.1mg, Vitamin B12 0.02mg, Vitamin C 5mg, Vitamin E 2mg, Folic acid 0.05mg, Biotin 0.4mg, Magnesium 5mg, Bioperine™ 3mg, *Calcarea carbonica 6cH, *Chelidonium majus 3X, *Nitricum acidum 6cH, *Nux vomica 6cH, *Pulsatilla nigricans 6cH.