General well-being

/General well-being
  • Anti-ageing properties prevent degenerative disease by reducing free radicals. The anti-oxidant properties of the catechins in green tea reduce free radicals and have a detoxifying action. The flavonoids have an anti-inflammatory and protective action against cardiovascular diseases and strengthen blood vessels. Used in weight management. 400mg, 90 capsules.
  • Adaptogenic tonic herb used in treating low energy states and fatigue. Improves vitality, restores normal sleep patterns, improves heart function. Helps recovery from long-term over-exertion from sport and physical stress. Supports recovery after chemotherapy and radiotherapy and during convalescence. May relieve hypertension, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, depression and Alzheimer’s. Supports recovery from drug addiction. Acts as hormonal regulator – useful in weight management. Siberian ginseng’s action is circulatory and as an immune stimulant. It has a detoxifying anti-inflammatory action. 400mg, 60 capsules.
  • A herbal medicine to support all body functions and stimulate metabolism. Assists in treatment of the digestive system. Relieves inflammation, pain and swelling. Anti-inflammatory constituents can protect heart and blood vessels. Relieves rheumatoid and arthritic symptoms. Contains anti-oxidants and strengthens the immune system. 500mg, 60 capsules.
  • Supports all body functions, stimulates metabolism and improves vitality. This natural anti-oxidant encourages natural detoxification and cleansing actions, with an anti-ageing effect. Improves circulation, and stimulates and regulates heart activity and blood pressure. Relieves indigestion, abdominal gas and bloating. It assists in lowering serum cholesterol. Relieves obesity-induced glucose intolerance. Assists in reducing inflammatory reactions and relieves pain caused by headaches and cramping, as well as joint, arthritic, rheumatic and muscular pains such as fibromyalgia. It may have an inhibitory effect on the progression of tumour growth. Not indicated in pregnancy. 450mg, 90 capsules. Ingredients: Each capsule contains: Curcuma longa 215 mg, Capsicum minimum 215 mg and Piper nigrum 20 mg.